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EMPOA Club trip 2018

EMPOA Club trip 2018




 After Austria and Croatia, after Troyes and the Île d’Yeu, it was Germany and the Czech Republic to receive our Mooney squadron for the traditional club trip around the Annual General Meeting of EMPOA. 18 aircraft followed the call of our president David Kromka and that of chief treasurer Lothar Lucks and took part on this trip.

On June 14 the weather was pretty fine and the speedmachine were able to touch down without problems on the runway of the nice airfield Aschaffenburg EDFC which is the homebase to our treasurer. After some very moving greetings and a warm reception by Lothar and Anneliese there was a coach ready to bring all of us to their respective hotels.

Aschaffenburg is an especially beautiful little city full of history. Because of its microclimate it has been called the « Nice of Bavaria » and is dotted with several buildings that bear witness to her former being part of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation. Later on Aschaffenburg joined the Federation of the Rhine. Its castle from the 17th century sits majestically on the banks of the river Main. Ludwig 1st of Bavaria has shaped the face of the city with his Antique’s museum, the famous Pompejanum, which is an architectural replica of the House of Dioscure in Pompeji in Italy.

This setting with historic charme formed the backdrop for the Annual General Meeting of our association in a meeting room of « Goldener Ochse » hotel.

President David Kromka held the traditional Welcome speech and explained the main acitivities of the past year, especially travels and procurement of safety equipment. He also described the development of the membership base and asked for EMPOA to become even more European as presently there is still a heavy majority of members from Germany.

Lothar Lucks presented the report of the treasury which was certified by the financial controllers. He also answered questions from the public. All members of the board were exonerated by hand :

-   David KROMKA, President,

  • Philippe COFFINET, Vice President,
  • Lothar LUCKS, Treasurer,
  • Lukas STRAUBINGER, Spokesperson.

Another highlight was the picture presentation of our friends Tina and Gunter Haug which took place right before the general assembly. They had been touring South America with their Mooney 252 for six months. Patagonia, Fireland, Ushuaia and the Andes mountain range : names of places that let everyone dream and wake up the spirit of adventure in each and everyone of us. And the fact that you can fly 20.000 miles and 120 hours with not more than the regular maintenance did show that you can rely on the quality of Lo Presti’s airplanes when you need it most.

On Friday morning the pilots met again at the airport to listen to a presentation of Wolfgang Kerkhoff, managing director of « Spessart Air Service ». The tasty catering of Lothar’s daughter with some nice patisserie made this a particular treat. The non-pilots meanwhile had the chance to explore the highlights of Aschaffenburg’s old town during a walking tour of the city.

Shortly after noontime, the groups met again at the beautiful garden of Schönbusch park to have lunch at the beergarden.

The afternoon brought us to the famous Dirker Distillery where we discovered their secrets during a private tour. Especially interesting and tempting was the tasting of more than ten different spirits and liqueurs from their production…

Another pleasant surprise was the arrival of Jacques Callies from « Aviation et Pilote » and together with his friend Alain which we later met at « Hofgut Hörstein » right in the middle of a wine-growing estate. We are talking a lot about the EMPOA and the aircraft but restaurants and wine are important subjects as well.

After a filling breakfast the bus drove us on Saturday, June 16, to the airfield where our Mooneys were already anxiously waiting to get airborne. After preparing our horses with wings we calmly take off, heading east towards Pilsen in the Czech Republic. The airport there is a former Russian airbase from the times of the cold war. Most that remains are 2200 meters of runway and some buildings in a state of ruin.

In the shade of a huge Antonov-2, sandwiches await our hungry stomachs. While some go straight for the pique-nique, others opt for a sight-seeing flight with an old Yak-18 and its radial engine.

David had prepared a dense and varied program, that features aviation and alcohol, in this case beer : visit of the famous brewery « Pilsener Urquell » that was founded in 1750 and has been modernised to highest standards ever since. The touring of the brewery’s underground cellars with their 20 Kilometer long storage room sis impressive and shows the approach to quality and uniqueness of a brand that is today known all over the world. The brewery is the true temple of beer in the Czech Republic and the curing aspects of the liquified hop scan be checked out right away : it helps us to digest a dinner of giant proportions : meat, meat and meat. And in order to keep this remember this memorable evening, there are personally engraved beer mugs with everyone’s names for every participant.

Sunday morning brings us back to the times of the Cisterciense monks while visiting their abby from the 11th century. The whole place has been rebuilt later in baroque style of the 18th century. It remains a very nice chapel for Saint Benedict (his rules and duties were rather strict compared to the pretty hedonistic lifestyle of us Mooniacs) as well as an impressive double staircase and the abby’s pharmacy in a particularly good state of preservation.

After a traditional and tasty lunch in a typical restaurant, we went straight back to aviation again in the afternoon. Our visit to the « Zruc Air Park Museum » was a quite surprising one, to put it mildly. Contrary to the name this is not a real aiviation museum but rather a private open-air collection of objects without apparent relationship : war material of all sorts, once pride or the Red Army, is trying to withstand wind and weather but still faces the tooth of times. Without explanation you wander from a Mig-21 fighter to the famed Mi-24 attack helicopter gunship, from a F-104 Starfighter to a Russian attack tank T-72, all under the watchful eyes of a metal statue of Josef Stalin…

For us and some others this journey ended here on Sunday evening. Despite some raindrops overhead the Black forest, from which our TLS Bravo was not spared, the lake of Vesoul (LFQW), our homebase, appeared finally in the light of a beautiful sunset after four days of almost perfect joy.

Once again, this annual trip of EMPOA was a sign of a strong and sincere friendship between the participants, but also expression of our passion and the human values we share. It is just fair to take it as an opportunity to remember the truth of our Mooney slogan « Life is short, fly fast » and maybe even the more profound and antique « Carpe diem », feel the joy of the moment … especially for us, who are lucky enough to experience those moments not only on earth but in the skies as well.


Doktor Philippe COFFINET

   Vizepräsident EMPOA

Travel report Troyes – Île d’Yeu-2017

Great was the interest in the journey to Troyes and the Ile d'Yeu organized by Philippe Coffinet. In various ways the Mooniacs traveled from all over Europe to Troyes. A total of 27 Mooneys, a Piper Malibu and a car crew with three Mooniacs could be greeted in Troyes by a small snack at the facility of Troyes Aviation before the check-in to the nearby hotel was completed. The annual general meeting and a wonderful late night dinner was the further highlight of the day.

The Friday morning was all about flying. All pilots were invited to a mMooney-specific technical seminar. The scope of the topics ranged from the manual extension of the landing gear, the oil analysis to the topic of the 8.33kHz radios. Not to be missed is the typical French lunch buffet served by Troyes Aviation. For all those with less technical interest, a bus was available to allow for a shopping visit to a nearby outlet.

At lunch time, everyone was ready for the upcoming cultural program. By bus, we visited the small champagne cellar supplying the former President Barack Obama. The champagne cellar DRAPPIER in Urville warmly welcomed all Mooniacs and inspired with a guided tour through the several hundred years old cellar of the house. At the end of the tour was the already very expected tasting with the finest drops of the house on the day program and some Mooniac was glad not to have to fly on this day and calculated due to the purchased champagne boxes exactly his maximum take-off weight for his Mooney.

In the evening, our bus driver took us to Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises to visit the former residence of the French General Charles de Gaulle. Impressed by the entire complex, the tour group stayed on the spot to finally return to the common hotel at the Troyes airport, as the highlight of the day was yet to come. The EMPOA invited the entire group to a Galadiner in the Hostellerie La Montagne, which has no less than a star in the Michelin Guide. In a very nice ambience sounded the evening many new acquaintances were made, as well as existing maintained.

Tired and very satisfied all participants reached by bus after midnight the hotel. Quite a few stayed in the hotel lobby with a Cognac and were already looking forward to the journey to the French Atlantic coast ....

Off heading West

After a sumptous breakfast our Mooneys took off into sunny skies overhead the Champagne region. Only our vice-president Philippe needed a second try since a temperature indication gave strange values. But thanks to professional support of the crew at Troyes Aviation it was possible to rule out a serious deficiency and D-ETLS was on its way to the west as well.

Some Mooneys landed on the way in order to refuel since Île d’Yeu does not offer AVGAS. The island is located some 25 kilometers of the coast and approaching it is fairly straightforward. Nevertheless it is an aviator’s dream since landing on the runway in the northwestern corner of the island permits some nice coastal sightseeing before touchdown.

The local flying club reserved ample parking space for our speedmachings on the little hard-surface apron and a marshaller arranged our Mooneys in a nice formation. Since eating is a serious issue in France and must not be forgotten, directly after landing we went off into a tent at the airfield that was being put up just for us. We were being served a nice „Choucroute de la Mer“ in which several kinds of fish and seafood were being mixed with potatoes and kraut and this was being washed down with lots of wine and beer. Some Mooniacs did not want to leave to the hotel at this time and a little circle of friends stayed to enjoy the airfield ambiance with red wine and cigars.

The Mooniacs were being lodged in two different hotels in the small port town of Port Joinville and ventured off to explore the waterfront and the numerous cafés. But soon they had to board a bus that brought them to the opposite side of the island where one finds the charming lobster port of Port de La Meule. After a little walk to the nearby chapel or along the harbor all sat down at the restaurant where a home-made punch was being served. After a starter with clams we enjoyed fish again. The evening passed way to fast but the hard core of party-hungry Mooniacs went to dive into the local nightlife with the French pilots. Live music and lots of other people set the stage for a night out that lasted until way after midnight.

On Sunday morning the himmel was a bit hazy at the beginning and temperatures were fresh. But this was no problem for our island sightseeing with the little tourist train. During two hours we were being acquainted with all important points on the island.

Some Mooniacs had to head back home to homebase on Sunday already. Our friend Henri-Jean invited some crews into his home where we could enjoy a little apéritif. In the course of the afternoon around half of our crews took off towards the continent. The other Mooniacs spent another nice evening at the Port Baron restaurant in Port Joinville before heading home the next day or continuing their tour towards Belle Île. A successful EMPOA tour came to a close during which the aviation as well as culinary quality of France was shown from its best perspective.

Lukas Straubinger & David Kromka

Slideshow Troyes – Île d’Yeu 2017

EMPOA Weihnachtsfeier in Speyer


EMPOA Annual General Meeting (AGM) at
Regensburg EDNR

Including elections to the board and dinner invitation for members  -  Information will follow soon

16.- 20.05.2019

Mooney-Trip to Regensburg/Bavaria and Krems/Austria

Pilots from all over Europe are invited to follow the banks of the river Danube, meet new and old friends and exchange experience while enjoying local beer and wine.

Information and registration dates will follow soon.


EMPOA-Tour June 2014 Ruegen / Gotland

EMPOA-Tour June 2014 Ruegen / Gotland

(by David Kromka)

With lots of tailwind EMPOA is taking off into the new year and presents all Mooniacs the program for our official club excursion in upcoming June 2014. After the tremenduous success of our France trip with heading South-Southwest it will be the opposite direction this year: heading North-Northeast. From June 18 to June 22 our speedmachines will be heading for the Baltci Sea: the islands of Ruegen (Germany) and Gotland (Sweden) are our destinations.

The basic concept of the EMPOA Tour will be unchanged: five days (a long weekend) amongst friends, some aviation highlights but enough time for ground-based activities as well.

We will be meeting on Wednesday, June 18, in the afternoon on the airfield of Ruegen-Guettin (EDCG), where we will be having little snacks and cool beers whilst welcoming familiar friends but certainly some new faces as well. Our copilots will go to nearby Lauterbach by minibus where we will be staying at a hotel by the sea. All EMPOA Mooniacs will have to remain at the airport a little longer since we will be hosting our annual General meeting in the late afternoon. We do sincerely hope that our copilots will rejoin us after checking in to the hotel since I was able to organise an aviation highlight directly after the General meeting. Some may have heard from him, some may have read his books or watched his movies: Henning Huffer, adventurer by heart and lawyer by profession, five-times earthrounder and 50-times North Atlantic flyer, will be giving his honor to EMPOA and report from his flying adventures. And the Mooney, on which Henning has flown around 3.000 hours, will certainly not fall short. Thereafter, EMPOA will be hosting a dinner at the airfield.

Thursday will bring us not into the air but onto the sea: after a short stroll along Lauterbach harbor we will go by boat to Baabe. We will have the chance to explore this little oceanside town as well as take a walk along the beach. Whoever is interested can go to Prora which is 20 km away. With around 5000 meters the former KdF-resort still spots the world's longest building which was supposed to introduce modern mass tourism during the Third reich. Back to Baabe we will board a little steam-train, the „Rasender Roland“, that will drive us through south Ruegen's landscape back to Lauterbach. A tasty seafood menu will await us there.

On Friday we'll have to pack our bags again and start the engines as today's flight will bring us to the Baltic sea's largest islang, Gotland in Sweden. Our departure along the coast will offer us some magnificient views of the famous chalk cliffs and then we go heading North-Northeast. The route will lead us directly across the open sea, but we will pass Bornholm soon, thereafter Oland and the track is never far away from Sweden's east coast. After a maximum of two hours flying we reach our destination. We are not landing at the the international airport of Visby (ESSV) but rather at the second airfield of the island: Bunge (ESVB) in the northeast of Gotland close to the bay to neighboring Faro. Retired SAS captain Gert Martinsson has made this former military airfield his personal aviator's paradise. It includes an aviation museum and flying friends are always welcome. The concrete runways with approximately 700 meters lenght and flat approach sectors shouldn't be a problem for our Mooneys.

We will have to observe the traffic though since Midsummer will be the time of a big parachute event at this airfield. With the after-landing-procedures successfully completed, we will be on our way to the nearby hotel. This afternoon and evening we will live the Swedish dream of Midsommar. It is still being checked where we can witness the traditional tree-raising ceremony, but we don't want to drive far this evening. As customary in Sweden our Midsommar party will be held with the family, in our case our Mooney family. Together we will taste the local specialties at a buffet and there certainly won't be any shortage in drinks like beer, wine and akvavit.

We will certainly sleep a little longer on Saturday but thereafter we head off with our minibusses to explore the island. Depending on when we get going we might make it to exotic Faro across the bay. Our lunch stop will be at Katthammarsvik where we will have the opportunity to sample the products of a local smokehouse. Thereafter we will drive across Gotland to Visby. The island's capital boasts a well-preserved city wall and old quarters inside, it is on UNESCO's world heritage list. After a stroll through town we will be having dinner and cheer to a successful trip.

Sunday is the day where we will pack our bags again and make the Mooneys ready. With lots of new experiences we'll be departing back to our homebases – or to the unofficial prolongation of this journey further up North to the Aland islands between Sweden and Finland. Important notice: this prolongation will be done since several Mooniacs have already asked me about this. It is however not a part of the EMPOA tour 2014 and will be done privately and on our own account. Of course I will bring the participants together.

As in the past I will be organising our 2014 Mooney trip on my own responsibility and own risk. With all suppliers I have tried to negotiate the best prices and I believe we have a program that will appeal to many. The price of the trip will be 380 € per person staying in a double room and 480 € per person in a single room. It includes two nights of accomodation with breakfast each in Ruegen and Gotland, all transfers and transports with minibusses in Ruegen and Gotland, the boat- and steamtrain-ride in Ruegen as well as the Midsummer party in Gotland including food and drink. In order to organise myself and confirm the venues, I need your firm confirmation and payment of the total sum until March 31st on my bank account

IBAN:  DE60500700240243727500   and BIC:   DEUTDEDBFRA

stating your name and „EMPOA Sweden 2014“. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One last word regarding cancellations: since I have to pay most of the suppliers firmly and before the trip I advise you of the following cancellation policy. Until April 30th I can reimburse 50% of the trip price, until May 15 you will get back 33%. Thereafter and in case of no-show no refunds will be possible.

Nordland 2014

Gotland 2014

The longest day, the longest flightline: two words that give a good impression of the superlatives achieved during this year's EMPOA club trip. It was great to see how many Mooniacs follow our calling to come together and participate in the club's events and Europe's leading Mooney association can be mighty proud of that.

A little bit of luck is necessary of course: the weather was perfect this time and helped us greatly to achieve the large turnout number.

It all started with three Mooneys on Tuesday afternoon. As reconaissance plane N252CG had landed and met with Peter Marton and Hans Dietrich who had been coming early to Ruegen as well. Together we went straight to the little harbour town of Lauterbach where we enjoyed a nice After-landing-beer as well as tasty fish delicacies.

The action started Wednesday around noon: first we had to pick up our minibusses at Bergen, buy some welcome snacks and off we went to the airport again. Almost constantly Mooneys were landing from all over Germany, Denmark and France. We never saw that at EMPOA before: in the evening 27 Mooneys, perfeclty arranged to a twin-sided flightline, were parked in the most beautiful sunlight. They were all there, from brand-new Acclaim to historic M20E's.

A special honor was the landing of frequent Earthrounder Henning Huffer. Our guest speaker this evening came with a JetProp. EMPOA president David Kromka and EMPOA treasurer Lothar Lucks were able to open the annual general meeting almost on time shortly after 6:00 p. m.

Special emphasis was given to the positive development on the number of members, possible acquisitions from EMPOA's well stocked cash account as well as the planning of future activities. The discussions were lively and several ideas for the future were proposed. The presentation of the AGM is attached (only in German). It was especially nice to see the increasing use of our EMPOA website and the kick-off of the new forum. Our webmaster Karl-Heinz Schmidt was present at the AGM and the Mooniacs thanked him for his continued support.


Nordland 2014

Mooneys lined up at Ruegen
Erosion at Rügen chalk cliff
These cliffs are up to 161 m high above the Baltic Sea. The undisturbed beech forests behind the cliffs are also part of the national park.
Rügen Airport, also known as Bergen Airfield or Güttin Airfield, (ICAO: EDCG) is the only airfield on the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen.
Prora guided tour
Prora is a beach resort on the island of Rügen, Germany, known especially for its colossal Nazi-planned tourist structures.
The railway runs regularly with historic steam locomotives and coaches, some of which are almost a hundred years old.
Farö Beach
Farö Beach
Fårö is a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, which is only separated by a narrow channel from Gotland.
Fishers settlement Farö
Old fishing village Helgumannen on Fårö
Discussions going on at Midsomar
The first stretch of the line that was opened, running from Putbus to Binz and still in service today, began operations on 22 July 1895.


The highlight of this evening was the presentation given by Henning Huffer, who tends to speak of himself as adventurer by profession and lawyer by hobby. He gave us an insight into a life filled by thousands of hours in the Mooney, dozens of North Atlantic crossings and several round the world-trips. Also later, during our dinner, he was a much-demanded man and the get together with Henning was very enjoyable. It took some time before the last one of our group headed home, since the transfer with our minibusses to Lauterbach took a little time.

Thursday started with cloudy skies and the Mooniacs were glad they didn't have to fly that day. Our excursion led us first to Puttbus where we boarded the steamtrain „Rasender Roland“. It took us to the nearby seaside resort of Binz where everybody had to make a choice. The larger part of the group went onto a boat trip to the famous chalk cliffs of Rügen. We were told that there were quite some waves but hardened Mooniacs had no problems with that kind of turbulence.

The remaining Mooniacs drove with minibusses to the former Nazi vacation resort of Prora, still the world's longest building. During a visit to the exhibition and a guided tour of the premises we got to know this early version of modern mass tourism.

Shortly after return with „Rasender Roland“ we met in the Am Bodden hotel in Lauterbach where we enjoyed a fantastic seafood buffet. Since next day would ask for our flying abilities, the evening was not too long and even before midnight everyone went to bed.

Already during breakfast David Kromka was able to present good news from destination Bunge: the Swedish airport operator had reported „the most beautiful weather at Bunge“. This led to big smiles on the faces of the Mooniacs and with lots of pleasant anticipation we drove to Ruegen airfield. 17 Mooneys in total wanted to continue on to Sweden and constantly the flightline was getting smaller. Some planes departed in VFR, most in IFR and shortly past noon, N252CG was the last aircraft taking to the skies.

Some cloud layers were encountered enroute but all of us were able to either climb on top or stay clear well below. About two hours later all speedmachines landed at ESVB and arranged another neat flightline. The respective rehearsal at Ruegen helped a lot. Midsommar started with Scandinavian laissez-faire. Our minibusses were ready for collection with keys in the unlocked cars and without any rental formalities. Our safe arrival was celebrated by cheering with Akvavit and home-distilled williams schnapps from the Straubinger family.

Some participants visited the airfield's collection of Swedish fighter planes while others ventured across the road to the Folksmuseum to see traditional Midsommar dances. Our hotel was not too far away in the center of Farösund and boasted lots of Scandinavian charme. After some Mooniacs had emptied the first bottles of wine in their small circle, it was time for everyone to walk down to the shore where we had our private Midsommar tent waiting. All the best from the Swedish kitchen was there: little lamb meatballs as well as Janssons Frestelse were washed down with lots of wine and Akvavit.



The sun did not set this evening and the Mooniacs' mood was becoming constantly more frolic. Shortly past midnight some even made their way to Bunge airfield where the skydivers were hosting a big Midsommar party themselves.

Saturday morning proved to be difficult for some who had to pay the price for a long and wet Midsommar night. Visits to nearby island Farö were therefore done in smaller groups. Some undertook an island tour of their own visiting famous Katthammarsvik smokery. In the late afternoon everybody met in the island's historic capital Visby but a larger city tour was not possible due to nasty rain. A large part of the group had to head back to Farösund anyway since this night featured FIFA soccer match Germany against Ghana. We saw this on the large screen of a local pizzeria.

Sunday morning featured clear blue skies, as ordered for our return flight heading south. After some minor technical problems were resolved the Mooney caravan did leave for the homebases. Three however used the opportunity to stay for another day. Finally, all landed safely at their destinations and took home unforgettable memories. We are quite sure that most of them will be showing up on the next EMPOA events again.


       David Kromka


London/Isle of Man 2015

by David Kromka



It is a standard procedure for EMPOA trips: the days before departure are spent watching the latest weather developments and hoping that everybody will be able to fly. This was especially true for this year's trip to the UK. Great Britain is not known for having incredibly long periods of sun but rather for quick changes between rain and wind and clouds. But it was all different at the end.

On Thursday afternoon we already had quite an impressive flightline on the little aerodrome of Denham EGLD – sunny skies made it easy for Mooniacs to arrive and discuss latest developments in the garden of the airfield's restaurant. Big cheers were given to every Mooney and its arriving crew. Only the supply with drinks was not up to standard so that Britta and Birgit had to be sent to the nearest supermarket to get some more beer, wine and – yes – water.

Later in the afternoon we ordered some taxis to takes us to nearby South Ruislip where we checked into our Ramada hotel. But we didn't have much time to relax since the Indian dinner was waiting for us at „Regal Spice“ restaurant. The venue was up to its promise: little but very very tasty: after some fabulous starters we got impressive platters with mouthwatering delicacies that turned out to be a feast for hungry Mooniacs. Fine wines and Indian Cobra beer accompanied this authentic meal. After dessert some of us went back to the hotel, the not-so-tired-ones continued with beer and whisky at nearby „Middlesex Arms“ pub.

Friday was another day with blue skies and Mooniacs took the 20 minute-only trainride to London's Marylebone station in the heart of the British capital. There we met the guides for our „London Underground“ tour. The group had grown to final size in the meantime, the McEwan family had successfully landed coming straight from Augsburg. For more than two hours and along various lines we discovered the history of this longest-running underground of the world. The two groups had tours in totally different style and at the end we reunited at Houses of Parliament where the most interesting stories were exchanged.

Afternoon and evening were at everybody's own liking: some undertook quality shopping in the fine and famous streets of London, others did pique-nique, went to musicals or had dinner in specialty restaurants. Most convened later at the Middlesex Arms to brief themselves on the weather forecast for the day to come.

Our flying day to Isle of Man brought best weather again, it was the ATC imposed separation that held IFR-planned Mooneys longer on the ground than planned. Around noontime the presidential airplane N252CG took off and landed 1:40 hours later on Ronaldsway: strong headwind all the way made the flight significantly longer than planned. And once again we had an impressive flightline of 17 speedmachines that were all lined-up next to each other in the eastern side of the airport.

The airport is served by public transport all day long, so it was no problem to get to Douglas, the island's capital. Due to limited capacities the crews were lodged in three different bed-and-breakfasts in the same street. Almost everybody gathered later in the evening in a cozy restaurant by the port where we partied quite a bit and danced the night away.

On Sunday morning we nevertheless had to get up early since a chartered bus drove us to the north of the island to the famous Laxey wheel. Being the largest water-driven wheel of the world it is a magnificient example of the mining times on Isle of Man: it served to pump out water from the different mines. Mooniacs climbed up to its highest platform and ventured off through the little park surrounding the wheel and mine. By the time the sun had reappeared and our journey back on the Manx Electric Railway offered breathtaking views along the coastline. The train is sort of a tramway that follows an old line from the north of Isle of Man to the island's capital Douglas.

After a short lunchbreak crews met at Douglas Steam Railways station: the narrow-gauge railway served as model for the famous cartoons Thomas The Tank Engine and the 100 year-old engines continue to impress railway addicts from around the world. In cosy compartments we rode through beautiful nature to Port Erin: there we undertook some walks along the harbor, enjoyed ice cream or had a first aperitif in the sun.

We finished off with a dinner in Port St. Mary's Railways Station Hotel. Regional delicacies provided the setting for this evening during which we discussed the moments of the past days. New and old friendships were being forged and fastened and new plans made. One attraction will certainly be the EMPOA christmas party at Vesoul in France that is being prepared by the presidency. Back to Douglas we went again in a chartered bus.

As the last plane departed from Ronaldsway on Monday, the Mooney flightline had disappeared again and crews were on their way to homebases or continued on to other destinations. Reports had it that return flight times were quite short due to strong tailwinds and without any major problems.


Isle of Man

by David Kromka


It is a standard procedure for EMPOA trips: the days before departure are spent watching the latest weather developments and hoping that everybody will be able to fly. This was especially true for this year's trip to the UK. Great Britain is not known for having incredibly long periods of sun but rather for quick changes between rain and wind and clouds. But it was all different at the end.

On Thursday afternoon we already had quite an impressive flightline on the little aerodrome of Denham EGLD – sunny skies made it easy for Mooniacs to arrive and discuss latest developments in the garden of the airfield's restaurant. Big cheers were given to every Mooney and its arriving crew. Only the supply with drinks was not up to standard so that Britta and Birgit had to be sent to the nearest supermarket to get some more beer, wine and – yes – water.



Fastflyer-Meeting Norderney (EN)

Dear Mooniacs,
  the last fastflyermeeting in april was so relaxed, that we think it would be a good idea to repeat that little flyin on the 6th september 2015 at the airfield Norderney EDWY  at 12:00 LT. Check AIP for approach, especially no foto flights below 2000ft...

We will meet in that nice airfield restaurant for lunch and for those who have more time for a nice walk and a coffe later. If anybody wants to spend a weekend around this flyin, you are very welcome to experience the northsea, nationalpark "Wattenmeer"  and beaches around. Enjoy a sensational sunset at "Milchbar" and continue your evening in the Guide Michelin listed (one spoon) Restaurant "weisse Düne".  If you don t want to bring your own bromptonbike: there are lots of rent a bikes around. For Flyaddicted: Check out the very little and romantic island Baltrum (PPR, but easy, short runway) or fill up your long range tanks at Helgoland with Germany´s lowest AVGAS prices. International Airport feeling for a little price at Hamburg.


Please leave a note if you are intending to attend for easier organisation.
For any questions contact me! 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As we are only able to park on grass, pls check weather 2 days before. If it is raining cats and dogs an alternate will be announced.

Keep well and fly fast!
Tom Grossgart



EMPOA-Tour June 2016 Fuerstenfeld

It is with a little delay, but with even greater joy that EMPOA presents the program for our main Mooney club trip 2016. Some of you already know a little bit about the trip but today we would like to share detailed information with all of you.

First of all: the trip will be from Thursday, June 16, to Sunday, June 19. You notice that we will only be going for four days this year. This is due to the fact that we are having many other activities planned at EMPOA (several Fastflyer Meetings, Across The Atlantic, possibly a second edition of our Christmas party). For this reason we have decided to have one „homebase“ only: Fuerstenfeld (LOGF) in the beautiful Styria region of Austria.



On Thursday, June 16, all EMPOA-Mooniacs will be landing on the local airfield LOGF where we will be welcomed by the local flying club. The 700 M hard-surface runway is approachable without major obstacles and you will not encounter any operational problems there. The airfield is located only a few minutes from Fuerstenfeld town itself, so one can even walk into town on foot. We will welcome you with a drink and shuttles will bring you to nearby Fasch Hotel, which will be our basecamp for the next three nights.



In the evening we will enjoy a hearty dinner at Fasch's restaurant.

Friday, June 17, will be our „flying day“. We will take-off from Fuerstenfeld in the morning and check out our speedmachines on a one to one-and-a-half hour long flight to Portoroz (LJPZ) in neighbouring Slovenia. The airport boasts a beautiful location right by the Adriatic sea and is surrounded by seasalt pans. It is also legendary for service: the copilots will even be able to sample a very special Slivovitz fuelling station there. This is also the place where you can fuel up your thirsty Mooney with relatively cheap AVGAS if required.


(Piran - view over the old town)


Thereafter we will drive in a chartered bus along the beautiful seawalk to Piran town. We will explore streets, alleys and squared of this former Venetian town straight by the sea. Also we will enjoy a nice lunch in a typical restaurant. Time will pass way too fast and we go back to the airport to start-up our engines for the flight back to Fuerstenfeld.


(Piran marketplace)


The evening there is planned at our own leisure. It might be a late one since we are having several traditional brass music bands in town over that weekend.

On Saturday, June 18, you are looking forward to cultural and culinary experiences: after breakfast we will go with our minibuses to famous Riegersburg castle. This massive fortress has always withstood any attempt to invade and offers many interesting aspects around knights, mistresses and witches. We go by inclined escalator up the hill and experience a guided tour. Thereafter we stop at a local Buschenschank, the Styrian version of the beer garden, where we enjoy a traditional lunch package and local wine. Direclty thereafter we visit Spirits and vinegar maker Goelles (an awkward combination, but tasty anyway) to be introduced to the secrets of double destillation.


(Castle Riegersburg)


Our hotel stopp will be very short only since we will be picked up for the evening program at Kapfenstein castle. This is where we will first have our EMPOA Annual general meeting (AGM). After the official part the EMPOA board will be very happy to invite all attendees for a fine gala dinner in the castle, if the weather is nice on the terrace with beautiful views of the „vulcano“ countryside.

On Sunday, June 19, we have breakfast together at the hotel and shuttles will bring us to the airfield. There we say „Servus, Macht's Guat, bis bald“! (Bye bye, take care and see you soon)


(Castle Kapfenstein)


As in the past I will be organising our 2016 Mooney trip on my own responsibility and own risk. With all suppliers I have tried to negotiate the best prices and I believe we have a program that will appeal to many. The price of the trip will be 375 € per person staying in a double room and 405 € per person in a single room. It includes three nights bed and breakfast at Fuerstenfeld, all transfers by shuttle and bus, dinner at Fasch upon arrival including drinks, lunch at Portoroz including drinks, the visit to Riegersburg castle including tour and escalator ride, lunch and drinks at the Buschenschank on Saturday as well as visit and tasting at the spirits distillery. Not included are landing fees at Fuerstenfeld and Portoroz and the free-style evening program on Friday. The transfer and festive dinner for our annual general meeting will be paid by EMPOA, your families are of course invited as well. In order to organise myself and confirm the venues, I need your firm confirmation and payment of the total sum until March 31st on my bank account:


IBAN DE60500700240243727500 and



stating your name and „EMPOA LOGF 2016“. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style="color: #808080;">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


One last word regarding cancellations: since I have to pay most of the suppliers firmly and before the trip I advise you of the following cancellation policy. Until April 30th I can reimburse 50% of the trip price, until May 15 you will get back 33%. Thereafter and in case of no-show no refunds will be possible.


In case of bad weather for the flight to Portoroz we will try to switch the program and give it another try on Saturday. This can however not be guaranteed and will be decided by me on short notice. As an alternative there is lots of things to do in the Fuerstenfeld region on Friday (Thermal springs, train ride, procuction of pumpkin seed oil).



"Aerodrome de Vesoul-Frotey" / LFQW
The EMPOA-welcoming committee is already waiting
Mooney's on the airfield Vesoul-Frotey
Mooney's on the airfield Vesoul-Frotey
Mooney's on the airfield Vesoul-Frotey
EMPOA-Mooniacs at lunch at the airport
EMPOA-Mooniacs at lunch at the airport
Philippe Coffinet organizing and hosting the EMPOA-Christmas party
Château de Saint-Remy
Philippe Coffinet welcoming speech in the evening at the Château de Saint-Remy
... in the evening the EMPOA "cozy smalltalk"

Christmas-Fly In with a spring-time feel

"We’ll be coming by plane – if the weather will be right.“ That’s what many Mooniacs thought when our French vice-president Philippe Coffinet invited them to a Christmas Fly-In to Vesoul (LFQW, Franche-Comté region) on December 12th. The weather was not only right, but it was almost spring-like with only little flurries on an otherwise blue sky, plenty of sunshine and comfy temperatures. I have never been on a Fly In this time of the year and very happy to see that so many other Mooniacs made it to Vesoul as well. Almost everyone came by plane and by Saturday afternoon we had seven Mooneys lined up at the airfield which is located on a plateau. Two Mooniacs came by car and that I liked as well since their travel time was considerably longer. Altogether we were 30 people. It was very nice to see that it was a mixed crowd of Germans and French.


Philippe and his wife Sylvie greeted us at the airfield and in the club’s living room we were treated to French sausage- and ham-specialties as well as cheese by the chimney fire. For dessert Philippe served us Pithiviers cake made by himself.


Later we went to the hotel to check-in and dress up for the evening. We came together at a private car collection that is owned by Philippe’s friend Sebastian. Amongst the cars on Display were a Rolls Royce, the Citroen “Déesse“, an Isetta and a Maserati. Philippe served us a home-made hot wine, the best I have ever tasted.


Thereafter we drove half an hour through the countryside before arriving at a castle that now houses a hospital for the mentally challenged. Philippe had been director of this hospital in the past and besides the medical installations it boasts a large reception area. The surroundings were really stunning and we had our Christmas party there. We had champagne, lots of it, and Bordeaux later – like you would expect from a French dinner party. After being greeted by Philippe we were treated to even more French delicacies. 

Thereafter we had a raffle for the good cause: the charity prize draw for Stiftung Mayday was supported by many companies. We had free subscriptions for Aerokurier, Fliegermagazin, Pilot und Flugzeug, an AKG headset, AVGAS vouchers from Total, a hotel voucher from “The Loewe” in Staufen, a free 50-hour-inspection by Troyes Aviation and a 500 € voucher from MT Propeller.

The prizes were drawn by two angels: Britta and me put on our sexy Angel’s dresses (interesting to see what one does for the good cause and after a couple of glasses of Champagne...).

Altogether the raffle earned more than 1000 € fort he Mayday foundation.


We had a very nice evening with lots of French-German interchanges in a truly royal athmosphere.


On Sunday we undertook a joint walk that was supposed to wetten our appetite for another meal prepared by Philippe at the airfield. After a good meal we had to say Good Bye and depart home with equally nice weather.


Many thanks to Philippe and Sylvie who made this Fly In to a memorable experience by their kindness and hospitality. We already look forward to repeat this in 2016!


Reisebericht Troyes – Île d’Yeu 2017

Groß war das Interesse an der vorzüglich von Philippe Coffinet organisierten Reise zu unseren französischen Fliegerfreunden nach Troyes und auf die Île d’Yeu. Auf verschiedensten Wegen reisten die Mooniacs aus ganz Europa nach Troyes an. Ganze 27 Mooneys, eine Piper Malibu und eine Autobesatzung mit drei Mooniacs konnten in Troyes bei einem kleinen Snack in den Werkstätten von Troyes Aviation begrüßt werden, bevor nach dem Einchecken ins nahe gelegene Hotel die Jahreshauptversammlung und zu später Stunde ein wunderbares Abendessen auf dem Programm standen.

Der Freitagmorgen stand ganz im Zeichen der Fliegerei. Alle Piloten wurden zu einem mooneyspezifischen Technikseminar eingeladen. Dabei reichte die Bandbreite der Themen vom manuellen Ausfahren des Fahrwerks über die Motorboroskopie und die Ölanalyse bis hin zu dem allseits diskutierten Thema der 8,33kHz Funkgeräte. Nicht unerwähnt bleiben darf das typisch französische Mittagsbuffet und der damit einhergehende Stehempfang bei Troyes Aviation.

Für alle weniger Technikinteressierten stand ein Bus bereit, um einen Shoppingbesuch in einem nahegelegenen Outlet zu ermöglichen.

Frisch gestärkt waren zur Mittagszeit alle für das bevorstehende Kulturprogramm gerüstet. Per Bus besuchten wir keine geringere Sektkellerei, als die des ehemaligen Präsidenten Barack Obama. Die Champagnerkellerei DRAPPIER in Urville hieß alle Mooniacs herzlich willkommen und begeisterte mit einer Führung durch die teils jahrhundertealten Keller des Hauses. Am Ende der Führung stand die bereits sehr erwartete Verköstigung mit den edelsten Tropfen des Hauses auf dem Tagesprogramm und mancher Mooniac freute sich, an diesem Tag nicht mehr fliegen zu müssen und kalkulierte aufgrund der eingekauften Champagnerkisten genau sein maximales Abfluggewicht für seine Mooney. Unser Busfahrer brachte uns anschließend bei strahlendem Sonnenschein nach Colombey-les-deux-Eglises, um die ehemalige Residenz der französischen Generals Charles de Gaulle zu besichtigen. Beeindruckt von der gesamten Anlage, verweilte die Reisegruppe noch vor Ort, um schließlich die Rückreise in das gemeinsame Hotel am Flugplatz in Troyes anzutreten, denn der Höhepunkt des Tages stand noch bevor. Die EMPOA lud die gesamte Gruppe zu einem Galadiner in die Hostellerie La Montagne ein, die nicht weniger als einen Stern im Guide Michelin zu verzeichnen hat. Bei einem sehr schönen Ambiente klang der Abend aus und neue Bekanntschaften wurden geknüpft sowie bestehende gepflegt.

Müde und sehr zufrieden erreichten alle per Bus nach Mitternacht das Hotel. Nicht wenige ließen zu später Stunde die bisherige Reise bei einem Cognac in der Lobby des Hotels Revue passieren und freuten sich schon auf die Weiterreise in Richtung französischer Atlantikküste ….

Auf Richtung Westen

Nach einem ausgedehnten Frühstück hoben die Mooneys in einen blauen Himmel über der Champagne ab. Nur unser Vizepräsident Philippe benötigte einen zweiten Anlauf, nachdem eine Temperaturanzeige ungewöhnliche Werte lieferte. Dank des professionellen Supports von Troyes Aviation konnte ein echter Fehler jedoch schnell ausgeschlossen werden und so war aus die D-ETLS unterwegs in Richtung Westen.

Einige Mooneys nutzten die Gelegenheit für einen Tankstopp entlang des Weges, denn die Île d’Yeu verfügt über kein AVGAS. Der Anflug auf die rund 25 Kilometer vor der Küste liegende Atlantikinsel ist einfach, aber dennoch ein fliegerisches Highlight. Die in der Nordwestecke der Insel gelegene Piste erlaubte allen ein schönes Küstensightseeing vor der Landung.

Der örtliche Fliegerclub hatte entsprechend Parkraum für unsere Speedmachines auf dem kleinen Asphalt-Vorfeld freigehalten und ein Einwinker brachte unsere Mooneys in eine schöne Formation. Da in Frankreich das Essen natürlich nicht zu kurz kommen darf, ging es direkt im Anschluß an die Landung in ein eigens für die EMPOA-Mooniacs aufgebautes Zelt am Flugplatz, wo wir ein Choucroute de la Mer genießen durften. Verschiedene Fisch- und Meeresfrüchtearten waren mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffeln gemischt und es wurde fleißig mit Wein und Bier nachgespült. Manche Mooniacs wollten gar nicht Richtung Hotel, sodass ein kleiner Kreis bei Rotwein und Cigarren weiterhin die Flugplatzatmosphäre genoß.

Im kleinen Hafenort Port Joinville waren die Mooniacs in zwei verschiedenen kleinen Inselhotels untergebracht und machten sich gleich an die Erkundung der Promenade und der zahlreichen Cafés. Schon bald allerdings war jedoch Abfahrt mit dem Bus auf die andere Inselseite zum malerischen Hummerhafen Port de la Meule. Nach einem kleinen Spaziergang zur Kapelle oder entlang des Hafenbeckens fanden sich alle im Restaurant ein, wo direkt ein hausgemachter Punch serviert wurde. Nach einer Vorspeise mit Muscheln wurde wiederum Fisch serviert. Viel zu schnell ging dieser Abend zu Ende, doch ein harter Kern von feierwütigen Mooniacs machte sich mit den lokalen Piloten auf ins Nachtleben der Insel. Dort wurde zu Livemusik und bei jeder Menge Publikum in den Kneipen noch bis weit nach Mitternacht weitergefeiert.

Am Sonntag war der Himmel erst noch etwas milchig und die Temperaturen recht frisch. Dies tat der Inselrundfahrt mit dem kleinen Touristenzug jedoch keinen Abbruch und während zweier unterhaltsamer Stunden konnten wir alle wichtigen Orte der Insel kennenlernen.

Ein Teil der Mooniacs musste bereits am Sonntag wieder Richtung Homebase abfliegen. Unser Fliegerkamerad Henri-Jean lud einige Crews zuvor noch zu sich nach Hause ein, wo wir einen kleinen Aperitif genießen konnten. Am Nachmittag machte sich rund die Hälfte der Besatzungen wieder auf zum Festland. Die anderen Mooniacs verbrachten einen weiteren schönen Abend im Restaurant Port Baron in Port Joinville, bevor sie am Montag Richtung Heimat abhoben oder die Erkundungstour in Richtung Belle Île fortsetzten. Eine gelungene EMPOA-Reise fand ihr Ende, bei dem sich die fliegerischen und kulinarischen Qualitäten Frankreichs von seiner besten Seite zeigten.

Lukas Straubinger und David Kromka


Slideshow Troyes – Île d’Yeu 2017