Minutes of EMPOA Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017

Published on Friday, 28 April 2017 17:49

On June 22 a total of 27 Mooneys found their way to the Annual General Assembly at Troyes. At 19:00 hours, the meeting was formally opened by president David Kromka at Hotel Golden Tulip.

At the beginning all participants rose for a minute of mourning for our late Mooney companion Dr. Matthias Winkler, who died during an instrument approach to Saarbruecken airport late October last year.

David Kromka reported on the pleasant development of membership numbers at EMPOA which counts around 260 members to date. Around 80% of those members are from Germany with another 10% of the population being in France. Austria and Switzerland sum up to another 5%. Seven events in total were organised in 2016 and an outlook for 2017 was given. A special thank you goes to our Tom G., whose Fastflyer meetings have established themselves as an important format within our club. Suggestions for the upcoming Christmas 2017 party are highly welcome.

Lothar Lucks informed the assembly about the association’s accounts. In clearly arranged graphs the expenditures and earnings were compared to those of one year ago. As in the previous years a clear surplus was being reported. The detailed report of the treasury can be requested via the presidency if demanded.

The verification of the accounts was being conducted by Dr. Rolf Bienert. He attested Lothar Lucks an immaculate and exemplary management of the association’s accounts and suggested his exoneration.

The exoneration of the board was then conducted by Tom and consented to by the majority of the members present.

In 2017 there were rotationally elections to the board scheduled and presented on the agenda.

As candidates for the post of president Dr. Birgit Hutz and David Kromka were available. Dr. Birgit Hutz presented herself as candidate and explained her program during a presentation. Lawyer Ingo Roesch agreed to act as the election supervisor. It was voted that the election should be held in secret. Within a secret vote David Kromka was being elected for another term. Due to the advanced hours the assembly was then being interrupted since the dinner at the hotel’s restaurant could not be postponed any longer.

Thereafter it was decided that the rest of the board should be voted upon by hand signal. The following members were elected to positions: Philippe Coffinet (Vice-President), Lothar Lucks (Treasurer), Werner Wohlfahrt (controller of the treasury), Dr. Rolf Bienert (controller of the treasury), Lukas Straubinger (spokesperson).

In the absence of respective activity our international consultant Klaus Ostenfeld abstained from giving a related report.

There were no formal proposals and due to time constraints no further discussions were initiated.

The assembly was closed on June 23rd at 01:05 hours.

                                                                                                                      Lukas Straubinger

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