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Mooney Group Insurance.

Exclusively for EMPOA Members.

The Mooney group insurance is an exclusive offer to all EMPOA-members from any country in Europe. Background of this group insurance is to provide very attractive insurance rates to owners of a Mooney.
To obtain these conditions you must be member of EMPOA.

Therefore EMPOA has made a contract with a very honorable German insurance company, which would provide every EMPOA-Mooniac with specialized rates for his Mooney. But we have to get as many participants as possible, as our standing towards the insurance company gets even better with every new participant and guarantees the current or even a better rate for a long time to every participant.

Validity: All aircraft of type Mooney M20 with a registration of any European country or an N-registration. N-registered aircraft must be based in Europe and the owner/insured must be European resident.
HB-registered aircraft and/or Swiss resident owners cannot be insured via this cover due to legal formalities.

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