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airplaine Fly-In + Pilot Report

EMPOA - Autumn 2017

Dear EMPOA Mooniacs!

A great summer full of flying lies behind us. And while forests and vineyards show off a spectacular array of colors from the air, we are already preparing ourselves and our Mooneys for the next trips.

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Our trip to France led us to Troyes and Île d’Yeu in June and thanks to the extraordinary preparation of our vice-president Philippe Coffinet this was a great success; the Annual General Meeting at Troyes even boasted a new record participation with 27 aircraft touching down at Troyes. There will always be different opinions in a club, but nevertheless we are very happy that after the discussions at Troyes we are once again established at a smooth cruising altitude. 15 Mooneys were taking part at our weekend in Franconia and Kulmbach did show that the famous EMPOA spirit is very much alive. That those Mooneys can also deal very well with shorter runways and high terrain, was being proven during our fine Mooney Mountain Flyer Camp end of September at Gap airfield in the French Alps.

There have been some organizational changes at EMPOA: Birgit Hutz has left the board after ten years of work for the club and we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank her for the work and commitment that she has devoted to our cause. We would like to wish Birgit and Rainer many safe flights and happy landings in the future. We also would very much like to continue Birgit’s project of flying for boys with the Duchenne disease and are waiting for members step forward and volunteer by taking a young boy into the skies.

A big Thank You goes out to Andi Hoegl, who has helped so many members as Technical advisor in our group. We hope that we will be able to count on Andi again one day in the future when his big project of hangar construction in the southwest of France comes to a finish.

At the same time we are very happy to welcome new members on board the EMPOA crew: Lukas Straubinger is not only our youngest active member, but also our new public relations person. Lukas has already completed many flights with his father Eugen, is well known to the group and is an IFR-rated pilot. As free-lance author for general aviation magazines he knows how to put our hobby into perspective by chosing the right words.

Also new to the extended board is Alex Haselmann, our future Mister Motor. As technical advisor he will be responsible for the specialty tools and offer his expert advice around airframe, engine and avionics. We hope that we learn quite a bit from this specialist on American big block engines. Whilst talking about this we would like to stress that the position of technical advisor at EMPOA can and should not be seen as replacement for your own repair shop and personal involvement. And the EMPOA webforum also deserves your attention in order for problems and solutions being made public to a greater audience.

During our past travels we have shared many beautiful and unforgettable moments. Nevertheless there has obviously been the need for some formal clarifications. Therefore the board has come up with an unanimous decision that we distribute to you as attachment to this newsletter. It was very important for us to offer as much freedom as possible for any potential organizer and we hope that this will lead to an even greater involvement of many members. Our own Tom has already started to prepare some attractive offers and has created his own company “The Fastflyers” that will be dealing with travels for members. Our board decision does not need to be the final version and we would love to hear your input which will then be discussed within the club.

Lothar und David are already in the position to share the date for an excursion around next years Annual General meeting. From June 14 to 18 (Thursday through Monday) we will offer a five-day-tour to Aschaffenburg/Germany (EDFC) and Pilsen/Czech Republic (LKLN), our AGM is scheduled for June 14 at Aschaffenburg.

Furthermore we would like to invite all members and their partners to our third EMPOA Christmas party: Nuremberg and its famous Christkindlmarkt are the perfect setting for our meeting on Saturday, December 9. From noontime we will be there at the Nuremberg International airport (EDDN) with gingerbread and hot red wine. Thereafter we head to the Christkindlmarkt and start the dinnerparty at Kopernikus restaurant in the historic Krakau tower. The party will also feature a little quiz around Mooney. We ask you for early and binding reservations as we were only able to secure 35 seats in the restaurant.

Finally we wish all of you a great take-off for fall 2017, safe flights with always happy landings and look forward to seeing all of you during our next excursions, travels and trips!

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David Kromka – Philippe Coffinet – Lothar Lucks