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A foreword to the beginning of 2019

Dear EMPOA Mooniacs!

The new year 2019 has already seen ist first month pass by and some of us have been taking advantage of sunny days for some nice flights with our speedmachines.

Especially in winter it is nice to see what kind of speeds we can see when our Mooneys roam the sky and the white landscape passes by down beneath us. And I find it particularly nice to see that more and more members of our club team up together to do such spontaneous trips in the good company of others.

2019 will see quite a few activities in our club. One major event will certainly be our Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will see elections to the board again. It will be paralleled by our traditional five-day-trip that will be organized this year by our Regensburg Mooniac Fritz Kaiser as well as our Austrian friends Gerhard Hobiger and Hannes Taborsky. We look forward to a nice time along the river Danube when we will be touching down at Regensburg and Krems.

During our AGM we want to discuss and vote with you about some changes and amendments to our by-laws that need some clarifications and improvements after ten years in service. Your involvement and activities are being asked for and if someone has ideas or even some direct input for new articles, you are very welcome to get in touch with the board. Furthermore we would like to enlarge the board from three to five members: the positions of spokesperson as well as the Technical Director are supposed to become full members of the presidency.

Shortly you will be receiving mail from a new member to our association: Timm Preusser from Aschaffenburg is unfortunately not a real Mooniac (yet) as he is flying a Cirrus airplane, but the training programs from his COPA University might be of interest to some of us as well.

Once again I would like to point out the activities of our Tom G. who is again offering a diverse program consisting of several trips this year. We will continue to inform about his offers via our EMPOA list, but those of you who want even more direct information should register for their Fastflyer newsletter directly at:

Just for the completeness of it we would like to inform you that the programs of Timm and Tom are formally no direct events of EMPOA, but rather events according article 3 of the EMPOA board decision (as is by the way the Regensburg and Krems trip) and are being run on the account and risk of the respective member.

While talking about trips and events we would once again like to call upon all members to think about your personal involvement regarding the organization of such venues. Could it be you who is setting up something for your friends in the club? Our association offers maximum freedom in this regard and the board is happy to help if needed.

We would like to wish all of you many happy landings – fly fast!

David Kromka