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European Mooney Pilots and Owners Association

The EMPOA is the "European Mooney Club". It offers its members a common fleet insurance, club life rafts as well as a lively exchange and assistance with technical and administrative questions concerning our Mooneys. Above all, however, the joint excursions and events make the club. Not a member yet? 

Summer Letter 2024

Dear EMPOA-Mooniacs,

Over the last few months, we have been confronted with unstable weather conditions in Europe on a large scale. But that hasn't stopped us Mooniacs from flying across Europe and also tackling the first Atlantic crossings again.

David Kromka proved to have a particularly good connection to the flying weather gods: this year's EMPOA trip to Kalmar and Mariehamn took place in the best flying weather. A great travel report and photos can be found here on our homepage. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank David for the fantastic organization and great entertainment during this trip - but also for the support of our Finnish mooniac Pertti Heininen, who provided us with a great midsummer night's party, among other things. 

Spring Letter 2024

Dear EMPOA-Mooniacs,

 It has now been almost 6 months since I took over as President of EMPOA from David Kromka. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the other Mooniacs who are involved in the EMPOA Board of Directors: Peter de Grove (VP), Dirk Küppelberg (Treasurer), Tina Haug (Spokesperson), Alex Haselmann (Technical Director).

Summer letter 2023

Dear EMPOA-Mooniacs!

For several weeks now our Mooneys have been taking off into a mostly blue sky. The numerous messages and pictures in our EMPOA Telegram chat group show that flights with our speedmachines have lost none of their appeal and that our members go places all over Europe again. Moreover, we can see how our fleet, which is already a few years old by now, is undergoing extensive upgrades and how the Mooniacs get their machines fit for the future with new avionics, engines, paintwork, and other modifications.

Winter letter 2022/2023

Dear EMPOA-Mooniacs!

Even if the now ending year 2022 with Ukraine war and inflation problems will not remain in too positive memory for most people: in our EMPOA we look back on twelve months, which finally allowed flights and tours on a normal scale again after the difficult COVID-19 times.

20% EMPOA discount at AERO PURE

Dear EMPOA-Members,

We the AERO PURE GmbH want to say hello and introduce ourselves and our services to you.
Our Team from AERO PURE are specialized for cleaning, polishing and sealing your beloved Airplanes.
After we are done – your Mooney looks like never used before.
Based in Hamburg but mobile on the roads – we come to your main airfield, so you can just stay and relax, while the work is done.

Report about the EMPOA trip to Czech Republic and Poland

Under Event and Trip Reports you can find a report and photos about the last EMPOA trip: EMPOA Trip 2022: Karlovy Vary and Krakow

Enjoy reading :-)


Summer letter 2022

Dear Mooniacs at EMPOA!

Some great flying experiences are already behind us and also the weather has been good for many of us in this first almost normal flying season after COVID-19.

Looking at the EMPOA chat in Telegram, our members are flying well again all over Europe and the speedmachines are making good distance. The joy of flying is back, and so is the travel fever.

Change in fleet insurance

Dear EMPOA-Mooniacs!

Regarding the fleet insurance, there have been some important changes.