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Tours, travels and trips within the association

Board decision 01/2017

Organisation and definitions concerning tours, travels and trips within the association

Binding document as attachmennt to the statutes of EMPOA


Tours, travels and trips are an important part of flying with our Mooneys. Our speedmachines are designed to conquer long distance and carry us to new places where we meet old friends and form new friendships. Therefore, tours, travels and trips merit the special attention and support of all members and the board. The board of EMPOA has therefore decided on the following rules and definitions in order to facilitate the future planning and execution of tours, travels and trips and make them transparent for every member. We would like to stress that we have done this in the firm belief that every involvement of members in regards to tours, travels and trips is worth the support of and will therefore enjoy special attention by the board.


In this document we distinguish between three different kinds of tours, travels and trips who are being planned and executed in different ways:

  • Mooney-weekens (formerly „Fastflyer Meetings“)
  • EMPOA club travels
  • Privately organised travels for members based on the initiative of certain members of EMPOA (including professionally organised travels)

Mooney-weekends (formerly “Fastflyer Meetings”) are normally shorter (up to three days/two nights) trips, that are being organised by one or more EMPOA members. The board of EMPOA is (if at all) involved to a minimum only, but will be providing communications support via newsletters and/or publication on the website of the club if requested to do so. The weekends are being paid by the members themselves, hotel nights and reservations shall be organised by the participants in order to keep the work for the organisers at an acceptable level. If the organiser of a weekend is being faced with extraordinary expenditures (e. g. cancellations on a last minute basis due to weather), he may approach the board of the club after the event. The board will then conduct a benevolent check and redeem those expenditures on a voluntary basis.

EMPOA club travels are longer (minimum four days/three nights) travels, that can be organised up to three times per year. Those travels will be organised on the name and account of the club and payments shall be done via the accounts of the club. One member of the club shall serve as responsible point of contact to the board and the members for the organisation of each such travel. The responsible member is entitled to claim with the board upon request his proven expenditures that he/she has incurred whilst preparing such a travel. The claim shall be limited to: aircraft fuel for up to ten flight hours, a rental car of the compact/economy class and hotel costs (up to a maximum of 100 € per night) for up to four nights.

Members who would like to plan such a club travel shall get in touch with the board minimum four weeks in advance of any preparatory trip. It is recommended that such a travel is organised with a lead time of minimum six months in advance in order to ensure the relevant communications to the members and allow for a large participation. The organiser is responsible for preparing a realistic financial calculation in form of a package. He will also organise the relevant reservations and bookings and will serve as point of contact and guide for members during such a travel. The financial risk of such a travel will rest with EMPOA. The member organising such a trip shall participate during the event.

In case that the allotment of three club travels per year is exhausted, any interested organiser will be informed accordingly and get priority fort he following year if requested. The calculated prices of the organising member are to be paid and will not be reimbursed if participating members decide not to take part. Return payments are possible only in case that companies (hotels, restaurants etc.) do give discounts that were not taken into account beforehand.

Privately organised travels for EMPOA members are all other kinds of tours, travels and trips with some relation to aviation that may be of interest ot members. This may reach from simple restaurant reservations to longer trips and overseas travels. The board of EMPOA is not involved in those travels and the club’s accounts shall not be touched. EMPOA does however support such initiatives by publishing them free of charge on its website and sending out newsletters on behalf of the organising member if requested. Any possible contractual obligations from such travels do – if at all – exist only between organiser and interested participant.

Decided by the board of the European Mooney Pilots and Owners Association, 21st October 2017

David Kromka – Philippe Coffinet – Lothar Lucks