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Summer letter 2022

Dear Mooniacs at EMPOA!

Some great flying experiences are already behind us and also the weather has been good for many of us in this first almost normal flying season after COVID-19.

Looking at the EMPOA chat in Telegram, our members are flying well again all over Europe and the speedmachines are making good distance. The joy of flying is back, and so is the travel fever.

And we at EMPOA can offer a lot again in 2022. Our air-to-air photo shoot in April at Mainz-Finthen EDFZ was a great success and we are already thinking about offering a follow-up event.

The Mooney trip to the Czech Republic and Poland is more than fully booked, which of course also makes us happy. We hope for sunny days with many familiar and new faces.

Ines and Alex Haselmann have kindly taken over the organization of our Annual General Meeting on October 7 at Herzogenaurauch airfield. A social program on the weekend is also on offer, more information about this can be found here on the website as always.

We would also like to recommend our EMPOA chat on Telegram to those of you who don't like to use the messenger, as it always provides you with the latest information about Mooney and the club. If you still want to join, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We take a new (and last) attempt with the auction of our EMPOA life rafts Hamburg and Marseille, which will soon get their successors with the same name. The new islands will be two different ones: " Hamburg " will be a full North Atlantic Winslow raft, " Marseille " will be a lighter SPI base raft for warm water flights.
We are now auctioning the former Revere Aero Compact rafts once again and finally among the members. Bids (minimum bid is 100 €) until July 31 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If there is no interest, they will be put on eBay and sold for the benefit of the club treasury.

We would like to ask for your commitment for another EMPOA traditional event, our Christmas party. We are still looking for one or more organizers this year who would be willing to prepare this cherished event. It would be important for us to have a location in Central Europe and at least close to the German borders, since that is where the bulk of our members come from. The costs will be covered by the club again this year. So, if you would like to make your fellow pilots happy: please report to the board as soon as possible, the exact date can still be set freely.

The EMPOA lives from its members and their input, so all suggestions are always welcome. Your initiatives are genrally supported by the board.

I wish us all again fast flights - fly fast and happy landings !

David Kromka